Web Series & Concert Production

“QTV: A Neon Desert Music Festival Web Series”

Pilot for a web-series created a team of 4 individuals including myself to promote the annual Neon Desert Music Festival located in El Paso, TX.

I led the artist relations, filming, audio recording, interviewing, creative vision, songwriting for the opening track, and editing processes.

The pilot was well received although it was not green-lit for full-production.

For the Neon Desert Music Festival, I was responsible for aspects of artist relations and production assistance as their lead production assistant from 2011-2013.


Created the Youtube channel “Majikal Music Wizard” in 2018 which was intended to highlight the best and worst of new music to come. This was truly a one-man show. I created everything from scratch and was responsible for all aspects of this series such as: lighting, editing, script-writing, theme song, and overall concept.


Love creating the concepts of new ideas on various platforms.

In 2012, I created a pilot for the festival for which I was a volunteer production assistant of.

In 2018, I created a music review Youtube channel.


Videos: Director, Producer, Editor, Storyboard Writer. Festival: Lead Production Coordinator Intern


Splendid Sun Productions


Video Created in 2012. Intern from 2011-2013.


Video Pilot