Music Portfolio

"Never Gonna Fade" released on Aug. 3rd, 2020. Available on all streaming platforms.

Team leader, bass player, and mixing engineer on this The Doors cover at the Recording Workshop.

When I Close My Eyes (Demo)

Arrangement, composition, and guitars: Me
Vocals: Jesus Ortega
Drums: Eric Boseman

Never Gonna Fade (Demo)

“A Song for El Paso”

Composition, arrangement, programming, lyrics, vocals, and guitars: Me

“Busy Train” by Miguel J. Garza

During Memorial Day Weekend of 2017, I took my iPad with me on an Amtrak train and decided to hit record while the train operator was providing instructions to us, the passengers. Her warning to everyone that it would be a very “Busy Train” caught my attention so I looped that vocal sample and chopped up the remainder of the instructions, which sound as if she’s doing a bit of a freestyle rap. On this short trip from San Diego to Los Angeles, I created this track from scratch solely on the iPad version of Garageband. I played the synths and created all of the drum and bass patterns.

It’s a short song but showcases my ability to create a catchy tune on the spot and truly from any source.

Ceci’s NYC Tune (Demo)

Guitars, Production, & Arrangement: Me
Lyrics, Voice, & Arrangement: Cecilia Nguyen


A growing music portfolio of my creative musical works (both solo and collaborative). I have composed, arranged, recorded, and played the live instruments, programmed the midi ones, and had creative control over all of the songs heard here.


Personal Projects


Composing, Arrangement, Production, Songwriting